Indulge in a
feast of sleep

The Motion mattress self-adjusts to your sleeping positions all night, so you can melt into a symphony of sweet dreams.

What we stand for

Good sleep is about more than just the mattress. It’s about the light, smells and the sounds that transport you into a restful state of being. We design moments that evoke a similar sense of sensorial delight before you even lay your head on the pillow.

Feel Transported

High quality service is the core to Motion mattress. The ethos extends to from your first visit to after the mattress is delivered. We support you through your every twist and turn.

Put Your Worries To Rest

The hero of Motion Sleep is not the mattress, it’s you. Whether you’re getting your questions answered by a Motion Sleep certified Sleepologist or designing your dream sleep sanctuary, everything we do is to help humanize and personalize your sleep experiences.

Feel Pampered

State-of-the-art decadence

How opulent fabrics combined with self-adjusting sensors create your sleep sanctuary.

It senses what you need.

No one sleeps in the same way all night. Your body is constantly shifting, moving, adjusting. So, why doesn’t your mattress move with you? The Motion mattress does. It senses where you need support, and adjusts its own pressure to keep you sleeping peacefully.

For those who know what they want.

The Motion mattress was designed to be fully personalizable, so if you don’t want your mattress to adjust to your positions during the night, you can use your Motion App to program each zone to be as firm or soft as you want.

Your personal sleep sanctuary consultant.

Connect with our expert consultant, so we can start designing the Motion that goes with your flow.

Meet your Sleepologist

Be guided by your own expert, because sleep is deeply personal and can’t have a one-size-fits-all approach.

Sarah W.

PhD in Sleep Medicine in Austin

Specialty: Deep Sleep

Jessica S.

Sleep Researcher in Los Angeles

Specialty: Sleep Environment

Christian M.

Licensed Sleep Therapist in Austin

Specialty: Pressure Relief

Whispers from the bedroom...

Find out who else has fallen in love with falling asleep.


I was so impressed with all the functions. I don't know how I can ever sleep on any other beds!

Stephan F.

I bought the Motion mattress on the first day it was launched. Never regretted one bit!

Julia B.

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"Motion": Smart mattress to ensure perfect sleep

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